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10 Keys to Cybersecurity

Recollected from National Cyber Security Centre

This October is well known, or should be known as the Cybersecurity awareness month.

Cybersecurity month was launched in 2004 and it was a teamwork done by the government and the industry to ensure every American had the tools to stay safer and knew how to be responsible and secure when navigating online.

Afterwards, tech industry had been innovating new tools, new recommendations and clearly, as technology and safety evolves, vulnerabilities and danger grows too. We found the 10 keys given by Cyber Security specialists.

Implement appropriate mitigations

  1. Identify who and what can access to your data and systems

  2. Everything has vulnerabilities, identify them and protect them.

  3. You should always keep an eye on system´s incidents, monitoring is key.

Prepare for cyber incidents

4. Plan your response to these incidents in advance.

5. Supply chain security (colab w/ suppliers&partners)

Understand your organization risks

6. Take a risk-based approach to securing systems/data

7. Collaboratively build security that works for everyone in your company

8. Know what data/systems you own

9. Architecture & management your systems securely

The Key that will keep safe your systems, company and data

10. Keep your systems protected throughout their lifecycle

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