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AWARDS 2021: Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

Actualizado: 10 sept 2021

Our client Checkmarx has been ranked leader in this Magic Quadrant for the fourth consecutive year.

Gartner defines the application security testing (AST) market, buyers and sellers of products and services designed to analyze for security vulnerabilities.

It identifies three main styles of AST:

  • Static AST (SAST) technology analyzes an application’s source, bytecode or binary code for security vulnerabilities typically at the programming and/or testing software life cycle (SLC) phases.

  • Dynamic AST (DAST) technology analyzes applications in their dynamic, running state during testing or operational phases. DAST simulates attacks against an application (typically web-enabled applications and services), analyzes the application’s reactions and, thus, determines whether it is vulnerable.

  • Interactive AST (IAST) technology combines elements of SAST and DAST simultaneously. It is typically implemented as an agent within the test runtime environment (for example, instrumenting the Java Virtual Machine [JVM] or .NET CLR) that observes operation or attacks and identifies vulnerabilities.

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