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It´s all about the perfect match and DAST

Build secure APPS & APIs Fast with NeuraLegion

Let´s start from the beginning, Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST),

is an analysis carried out during the execution of the application.

You could read more about DAST and basic concepts here

Next point, What is NeuraLegion?

NeuraLegion is a powerful dynamic application & API security testing (DAST) platform.

* Owns a powerful automation & integration capabilities

* Allows developers to scan multiple targets

* Uncover security vulnerabilities without false postives

* Gives detailed reports and quickly fix security issues with remediation guidelines


  • Automatically Tests Every Aspect of Your Apps & APIs Scans Web Apps, APIs (REST. & SOAP, GraphQL & more), Web sockets or mobile, providing actionable reports.

  • Spin-Up, Configure and Control Scans with Code One file. One command. One scan. No UI needed.

  • Super-Fast Scans Interacts with applications and APIs, instead of just crawling them and guessing. Scans are fast as our AI-powered engine can understand application architecture and generate sophisticated and targeted attacks.

  • Comprehensive Security Testing NeuraLegion tests for all common vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection, CSRF, XSS, and XXE - as well as uncommon vulnerabilities, such as business logic vulnerabilities.

Their Interaction Options

All of these can be used for all Nexploit deployment options (SaaS, Private Cloud, On-Premises Repeater).

  • NeuraLegion App

  • NeuraLegion CLI

  • Nexploit REST API

Did you know getting SAST & DAST could be the perfect match for you?

Stay tuned for our coming webinar with NeuraLegion experts, ready to explain every way of working with their tech, letting you test their tool for free and personal and specific explanations.

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Wanna know more about NeuraLegion? Click here

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