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CODEBASHING, Serious learning, serious fun.

Checkmarx Secure Code Training for you & your developers, level up your secure coding skills.

Is the AppSec training platform developers actually enjoy. The just-in-time, targeted, gamified lessons cover exactly what devs need to know, when they need to know it.

Whether it’s architecting a new system on a whiteboard, writing the code, or debugging an error, software engineering is all about collaborating and combining creativity and logic to solve problems. Traditional classroom training to enhance secure coding skills may give developers solid information, but it provides little opportunity for them to actively engage and learn how to apply the principles to their work.

Codebashing takes an entirely different approach. It gives developers focused lessons that allow them to identify and resolve vulnerabilities and security concerns in an environment that simulates the real world. They can access and complete interactive, five-minute modules on demand, which allows them to manage their time and optimize it for productivity and learning.

You still doubting? Let us tell you the KEYS why it should be a MUST for your company.

  • real problems simulations

  • specific lessons from your scan results

  • gamified, interactive training modules

  • Certifications for your developers

  • Quick, easy and FUN

The AppSec training platform that gets results.

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