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Security Testing, SAST, IAST & DAST

It´s time to remember the basic concepts.

Let´s start with Security Testing, what does it means?

Security Testing it is a software testing that will guarantee security for your applications and software systems. This means, protection from any threats, no vulnerabilities in your code, ensuring a secure SDLC.

You won´t need to worry about stolen information or big losses once you start using Security Testing. You can choose the application that fits perfectly to your company or project needs.

SAST: Static Application Security Testing.

Also known as White box testing, is an analysis at the source code for vulnerabilities detection. Moreover, is a static analysis because it takes place when the program isn´t running.

This kind of tool, SAST, helps to find vulnerabilities at an early stage, helping developers to develop an efficient code and secure system.

DAST: Dynamic Application Security Testing.

Known as Black Box testing, is an analysis carried out during the execution of the application. It consists in doing a Pentesting, a set of attacks to the application to see how it reacts so therefore the tool would show the application´s vulnerabilities list. This analysis would prevent hacker attacks.

IAST: Interactive Application Security testing.

The Grey Box Testing, is the application´s interactive analysis, in other words it will be monitoring the application, searching for vulnerabilities when the users are interacting the application.

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Each application adjusts for different objectives, sometimes you can get a great result with just one of them, or try more than one to ensure a high security.

If you wanna know WHICH application fits your projects, company or software, we can help you for free. Giving you a detailed and personal examination.

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