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The New Checkmarx Application Security Platform

Last october 20, when the Checkmarx Global Virtual Conference was carried out, Checkmarx launched their new platform.

The Checkmarx Application Security Platform will be helpful for CISOs, AppSec teams, and

developers address the growing and dynamic security challenges they face.

The platform integrates into any workflow or tool, delivering security with the speed, scale, and flexibility to support the latest development requirements. It seamlessly works with all modern frameworks and development infrastructures through webhook integrations, a stand

ard set of APIs, or command line interface.

The AppSec Platform tightly incorporates security into development while eliminating infrastructure management overhead as well as providing continuous updates and functional enhancements. Foundational services—such as metering, monitoring, access, and user experience—simplify administration of all applications, services, and deployment. In addition, the platform allows third parties to develop using platform services and APIs with a common experience and virtualized services that would otherwise vary across clouds.

Enables seamless integrations, built-in security, and accelerated software development to power the next generation of application security.

Plus, it could be an amazing option for not so flexible budgets.

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