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The new Checkmarx CxAST Cloud Platform

Next October 11th, the Global Partner Briefing will be about the new CxAST Cloud platform. It will deliver essential application security services that scan source code, open source dependencies, and IaC templates all from a single click. It then aggregates, verifies, and augments results with expert remediation advice. AST unifies CxSAST, CxSCA, and KICS all in one.

In this briefing, Checkmarx will also give you a sneak peek of the full October 20th reveal.

Where Keynote speakers will talk about different topics such as modern application security, developers dialogue, the future of cybersecurity, new approaches, roundtables and activities!

If you wanna know more about this next virtual conference, don´t forget to follow us on LinkedIN and keep an eye at your email.

To register for this next October 11, link here

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