Promotion of your brand and products 
through strong and focused Resellers and Partners with a lot of experience in
several IT sectors & vertical markets


As a Regular Distributor

Datastream can act as your local distributor so we can import your products and solutions and sell them to our chain of resellers and then to the entire market.

This model is based in a two-tier schema: Datastream as the Distributor and our partners are the resellers of your solutions.

The short-term objective is to present your solutions to some strategic customers that can give us high visibility in the local market.

The model involves training for partners, events for recruiting potential customers and much more.

Datastream will provide the partners with technical support at the very beginning but the idea is to develop the skills inside each partner so it can be independent on promoting and selling your products ASAP.


Minimum contract term: 2 years

Act as your official representative in Mexico

As your official representative we designate a dedicated professional who serves as the Country Manager for your company.


Depending on your requirements of time, goals and revenue it must be necessary to also dedicate a SE that support all sales activities.


With this model, Datastream may also function as your Distributor and importer for your solutions or we can contact a traditional Distributor that can provide the importing process to the equation.


Again, depending on your goals and expected revenue we may need to organize local events for promoting your brand, deliver content On local IT specialized media (magazines, websites, etc) and do Public Relations for promoting your products.


We have a strong channel of partners who have worked with us for several years and that already sell to large accounts in many sectors. These partners look for new solutions/products thru us and are eager on promoting new offerings to their customer base.

Minimum contract term: 2 years

A completely new model

All the models listed here and even a new one specially designed for your company, are based on positioning your products and brand immediately to the potential customers through key partners.

Our partners are already providers for some of the largest accounts in Mexico, for government and private sector. Our main strength is our very well established business relation to each of our partners who already trust on Datastream as a source for new technologies, services and solutions entering into the Mexican.

We can adapt to your requirements