T H E   P R O B L E M :
Your company does not have an office based in Mexico
Due so
you can’t sell your solution to the largest IT market in Latam
You know the Mexican market is the largest in Latin America for many IT technologies in different sectors like Security, Infrastructure, Application Delivery, Virtualization, etc. However your company still does not have the budget to hire people and open a local office to promote and sell your solutions. You think the only available option is the traditional Distributor model.
Is it possible to position an IT Brand in
the Mexican Market without a local office?
It is possible with a local IT expert coaching
You probably think
your network guy is a
And that the network he built is
complicated and inflexible.
And you know what?
You’re right.

Promotion of your brand and products
through a strong and focused channel of
partners with a lot of experience in
several IT sectors & vertical markets
The Datastream expertise is the difference.
We are focused on developing the Mexican market for IT companies that want to promote and sell its solutions locally but do not have the budget to hire highly skilled people and open a local office to do it. Instead of that, Datastream has technical & sales people with great experience on promoting innovative IT solutions and market development. The most important thing: We KNOW the market and have the experience of doing the same thing for other companies. Why we are different?