Is it possible to position an IT brand into the Mexican market without a local office or team?

Normally, the IT global companies start focused mainly in 2 markets: North America and Europe.

Most of the time it is due budget restrictions or lack of resources.

The Latin America IT market is attractive, however it is quite different to other markets; and to be successful here requieres deep knowledge of the local conditions, understanding of the distribution model and good contacts into key accounts.

How to penetrate into the Mexican IT market?

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We are focused on developing the Mexican market for IT companies that want to promote and sell its solutions locally but do not have the budget to hire highly skilled people and open a local office to do it. Instead of that, Datastream has technical & sales people with great experience on promoting innovative IT solutions and market development. The most important thing: We KNOW the market and have the experience of doing the same thing for other companies.

We are different to anybody else in our region.