How do we do that?


Your company wants to enter the Mexican market without having an office in the territory.


You choose us to have our specialists promote and market your IT solutions.


Our partners connect with customers and disperse your products quickly.


We offer professional services (presale, coaching, etc.) that help to deploy your brand in the region.


Your brand is well-positioned in the market, without an office or a crazy budget!

Why trust us?


We know the Latin American business and distribution model in depth and have a network of strategic contacts.


Our engineers are certified in all the solutions we market and will help position your brand in the region.


Our partners are already providers for some of the largest accounts in Mexico, for the public and private sectors.

Ready to promote your innovative solutions?

In the second largest IT Market in Latin America


Discover our services

Any of our services are designed to reach potential customers and position your brand quickly.


Regular distributor

Datastream's team imports your solutions and products -> Our network of resellers sells them to the entire market.

We'll make strategic moves so that in the short term you have high visibility in the local market. We train our resellers with tools to sell your products properly and ASAP.

Minimum contract term: 2 years

Official representative in Mexico

We assign a country manager for your company.

According to your goals, we assign an expert to support all activities that help your product's visibility and positioning (local events, PR, etc.). We can help you import and distribute your products or we can find a third party to do so. Our partners can bring your solutions closer to their customer base.

Minimum contract term: 2 years

Your personalized business model

We'll listen to your concerns and needs and create a model to help you achieve your goals.